Matthew Hampel is more than a magician for your next event!

Matthew Hampel started performing with his family when he was 5 years old. In 1988 the Hampel family ran away and joined the circus. It was on the circus tour that Matthew was trained by some of the best in the circus industry. 

  Matthew has become a student of comedy, magic and entertainment over the years. 

 Some of Matthew's mentors are the best in the magic industry and he continues grow and learn from them
The type of entertainment that Matthew brings is perfect for almost any event. If you are having a dinner and a dance. Then Matthew can do close up/ strolling magic. 
   Are you looking for a show? Matthew Hampel can provide that as well. He can perform for 30 -60 minutes for your event depending on what you are needing. 

Some of the words that people use to discribe matthew's performance is funny, entertaining, and so much fun. 

Let Matthew know what he can do for your event. 

Contact Matthew to
have your event placed on his calendar. 

(618) 5315897